Outline Drawing

Unit 1: Outline Drawing

Master the most fundamental skill you need to create great drawings | taught by DrawPj Team
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  • 21.0 hrs

Course Curriculum

Week 1
Your Pre-instruction Drawing and your First Lines
Outline Drawing Course Book and Assignments - week 1
The Artist’s Language And Your Four Natural Abilities
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Week 2
Outline Drawing Course Book and Assignments - week 2
Introduction and the Smooth Shading Technique
The Broad Stroke Technique
The Chisel Point Technique
The Fine Lines Technique
The Hatching Technique
The Cross Hatching Technique
Erasing Techniques
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Week 3
Outline Drawing Course Book and Assignments - week 3
Old Hay Shed - Introduction and Graphite Transfer Method
Old Hay Shed - Pencil Stroke Placement and Shadow Areas
Old Hay Shed - Trees and Leaves
Old Hay Shed - Background Elements
Old Hay Shed - The Roof Area
Old Hay Shed - Completing the Foreground
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Week 4
Outline Drawing Course Book and Assignments - week 4
Introduction to Scribble Gesture Drawing
Introduction to Construction Drawing
Construction Drawing Examples
Sketch Straight Lines then Halve them
Sketch Four Basic Shapes and Variations
The Almighty Ellipse
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Week 5
Outline Drawing Course Book and Assignments - week 5
Fred part a - Construction Drawing
Fred part b - Outline Drawing
Little Lamp part a
Little Lamp part b
Little Lamp part c
Little Lamp part d
Little Lamp part e
3d Solids part a
3d Solids part b
3D Solids part c
3d Solids part d
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Weeks 6 and 7
Outline Drawing Course Book and Project - weeks 6 and 7
Grid Method: Copy a Pattern (part a)
Grid Method: Copy a Pattern (part b)
Grid Method Project: Prepare your Grid (part a)
Grid Method Project: Create your Drawing (part b)
The Graphite Transfer Method (includes graphite transfer paper technique)
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Test your Knowledge
Unit 1 Quiz
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Course description

Outline Drawing is one of the most important foundation skills in drawing and art. You will discover many professional drawing methods and techniques to help you rapidly develop a high standard of drawing in outline. Along the way you will also be refining your ability to compare angles, lines and curves to a horizontal or vertical line.

For more details see the course outline page.

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DrawPj Team
DrawPj Team
The DrawPj On-line Instructor Team

Cindy Wider, Tannis Trydal, Brigitte Back and Maria Blinova