Coloured Pencil Character Drawing Secrets

Coloured Pencil Character Drawing Secrets

Learn Coloured Pencil Techniques with Cindy Wider and Mr Andy Snufflewood | taught by Cindy Wider
  • 51 Videos
  • 5.0 hrs

Course Curriculum

Drawing Supplies Used In This Course
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One Pencil Tip - Three Ways! (and how to use it to create awesome gradations)
Introduction and Supplies to Use in This Section
How to Prepare Your Pencil Tip
How to Create a Gradation in One Colour
How to Create a Golden Yellow Gradation with Three Colours
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Using Gradations to Create Beautiful Form
Introduction to Beautiful Gradation Form
Resources Section: Practice Shapes
Gradation Shapes - Step 1
Gradation Shapes - Step 2
Gradation Shapes - Step 3
Gradation Shapes - Step 4
Gradation Shapes - Step 5
Gradation Shapes - Summary
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Creating the Outline of Mr Andy Snufflewood
Transferring the Outline
Resources Section: Andy Snufflewood Outlines
Introduction to Inking the Outline
Inking the Fur Outline
Inking the Overalls Outline
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The Shadow Map
Introduction to the Shadow Map
Resources Section: Shadow Map
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Colouring Andy Snufflewood's Overalls
Resources Section: Reference Image
Golden Overalls - Step 1: Brown
Golden Overalls - Step 2: Shadow Edge
Golden Overalls - Step 3: Orange
Golden Overalls - Step 4: Yellow
Golden Overalls - Step 5: Burnishing
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Hairy Fur Ball!
Hairy Fur Ball Impressing Introduction
Hairy Fur Ball Supplies
Introducing the Hairy Fur Ball
Resources Section: Hairy Fur Ball Outlines
Hairy Fur Ball - Step 1: Pencil
Hairy Fur Ball - Step 2: Pen
Hairy Fur Ball - Step 3: Impressing
Hairy Fur Ball - Step 4: Black
Hairy Fur Ball - Step 5: Shadow Edge
Hairy Fur Ball - Step 6: Grey
Hairy Fur Ball - Step 7: Purple
Hairy Fur Ball - Step 8: Warm Colours and White Burnishing
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How to Impress Mr Andy Snufflewood
Andy's Fur Direction Map
Resources Section: Impressing Andy
Introduction to Impressing Andy
Impressing Andy - Step 1
Impressing Andy - Step 2
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Colouring Mr Andy Snufflewood
Colouring Andy - Introduction
Resources Section: Reference Image
Colouring Andy's Head - Part 1
Colouring Andy's Head - Part 2
Colouring Andy's Head - Part 3
Colouring Andy's Head - Part 4
Colouring Andy's Head - Part 5
Colouring Andy's Fur - Part 1
Colouring Andy's Fur - Part 2
Colouring Andy's Fur - Part 3
Colouring Andy's Fur - Part 4
Colouring Andy's Fur - Part 5
Colouring Andy's Tools - Part 6
Congratulations! You Did It!
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Course description

Enter the world of the Cuddlycats with Cindy's first character from her upcoming children's book.

You're going to have a great time as you bring Mr Andy Snufflewood to life.

Come on, it's time to get those coloured pencils out and really 'impress' this friendly and helpful badger (quite literally... you are going to be learning the impressing technique to draw his fur!).

Join Cindy on a wonderful journey as you peek over her shoulder and follow along.

Listen carefully throughout... Cindy is imparting a massive amount of priceless coloured pencil drawing secrets the whole way through!

Come on in and meet your new friend Mr Andy Snufflewood!

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Cindy Wider
Cindy Wider Co-founder

Cindy is a professional artist, author and art instructor with 25 years of experience of sharing her passion for art with her students. As one of the internet’s most experienced instructors teaching on-line since 2008 she is the co-founder of along with her husband and fellow artist Stuart Wider. Her unique method of teaching students how to draw is known as ‘The Cindy Wider Method’.