Action Painting Workshop

Action Painting Workshop

How to host your very own Action Painting Party | taught by Stuart Wider
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Action Painting Workshop!
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The Action Painting Workshop Manual hands you a complete art business model for operating a creative business which is perfect for anyone and everyone.

The exciting thing about this workshop is that it requires no previous experience to operate! You can treat it like one big party and have fun while you earn money helping others to have fun too! The Action Painting Workshop will have your customers in fits of laughter as they whack, splatter and spray paint onto their canvas! Not only that, they get to take their creation home in a giant pizza-like cardboard box.

They will go away and tell all their friends about what a great time they had. Best of all, in this fully organised business manual the Action Painting Workshop has all been worked out for you.

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Stuart Wider
Stuart Wider Co-founder

Stuart Wider is an artist, Co-Founder of and born again Skateboarder. In 2003 he founded StuartCindy Art with his wife Cindy Wider, which was at the time the largest private art tuition school on the Queensland Sunshine Coast.

He provides the technical knowhow behind and the Complete Drawing Course and occasionally writes about his extensive experience as an artist.

His colourful art Australian inspired work is held in collections throughout the world.